19 weeks old and what are you like.......

19 weeks ago we’d not met, we knew each other, but we’d never met, we’d grown together over the previous 38 weeks but we’d still never met. Daddy was convinced you were a boy and I was convinced you were a girl. 💕 I was right.

Friends and family say they can’t remember when asking them to recall their children as babies, everything blurs into one, life takes over and before you have time to realise they are off to school or university. So I just thought ide take a moment to write down what I know about you so far; you’ve already changed so much.

You have the biggest eyes which people say are the window to the soul, at the moment they are blue but my money is on brown. Daddy has brown eyes and I have green.

You have a round little face and a round little nose. Everyone says you look like your daddy but secretly I know you look exactly like me as a baby and that makes me smile

Your hair isn’t very long and you have a double crown on the back of your head. Some days it looks blonde, some days it looks ginger and some days it looks dark! Always changing.

You’ve started to hold your neck and enjoy tummy time even though it’s still not your favourite thing

I think you have quite a long neck like a little cygnet but until you get stronger you have a rather fetching double chin that is constantly covered in dribble!

Dribble, dribble, dribble!

You are sick on everything, even if it’s brand new, the first time you’ve worn it, sat in it, you leave a little reminder that you were there!! Daddy and I intend to get the carpets professionally cleaned soon and one of the sofas is covered by a blanket to add an additional layer of protection.

In the last couple of weeks you’ve found both your feet and your hands

You hold your little hands together as if pondering the meaning of life, obviously we think you will be a philosopher

When you fall asleep during the day time your little hands are always near your face, little fists pressed against your little cheeks, almost like a mini teenager. Many people think I pose you like that, but it’s all you. You did this at your 20 week scan when you tried to hide your little face from us.

You frown and when you do it’s like your dad is looking at me with one of his ‘what are you talking about’ looks. Like daddy like daughter

You think your toes are so tasty and it’s not uncommon for you have both legs in the air or in your mouth. Soggy socks.!

Teeth! They are definately in there somewhere hence all the dribble and even though you have at least a handful of teethers you are only interested in your hands, your whole fists rammed in your mouth or fingers all the way to the back! Fingers are clearly better than any teether.

You’ve found your voice, cooing, babbling and screeching being the newest addition, normally when we are trying to watch the news or hear the latest updates on dreaded Brexit

You love the bath and your little red crab toy ‘Sebastian’. Splashing is your new trick, your right hand sends water everywhere.

You love to kick your legs

You love the changing table where you kick about to your hearts content and giggled for the first time

You love faces and being sung too

You love it when Daddy plays the piano

You smell like talc, baby sick and baby all mixed into one

Your 19 weeks old but wearing 6-9 rompers so you have room for your toes

You can sit up with lots of support but are still really wobbly

Whenever we go somewhere new you stay quiet until you’ve figured out or feel comfortable

Some days you love the hoover, some days you don’t

When we first put you in the Moses basket we had to pad the sides because you were so small, now your arms touch the sides and your little nose is often pressed up against the side to show you feel safe. I know when your awake in the night because you kick the bottom of the basket. Both legs up, both legs down, wake up mummy!

You can pick up toys and hold them, you can do this but show no preference for any particular toy at the moment, just your fingers.

Nap times are around 11, 2 and 4, these are all very much moveable however you make it known ‘loudly’ when you’re tired and want to sleep. Getting you to sleep is often quick but more often than not takes a good deal of bouncing and rocking to encourage you to close those big eyes.

Christmas is 2 weeks away and although you won’t know what’s going on it feels really exciting this year.

You have a beautiful smile and Daddy makes you giggle lots. You’re becoming increasingly nosey and follow us both round the room.

Another 19 weeks from now and you’ll be totally different again and we’ll know you even better!

19 weeks ago we’d never met and now it’s like you’ve always been here, your smile is my favourite thing.

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