38 weeks (+2)

38 + 2: That’s how long I carried you for and that’s how old you are now.

I find it amazing that the same amount of time has passed so quickly since you were born.

I wrote one of these at 19 weeks and thought 38 weeks sounded so far away and yet here it is.

Sometimes I wonder if I should write these things down at all as some days I think 'how could I possibly forget all of this' but then I remember why. Sleep deprivation. It is a very real and all encompassing thing which will air brush your memory within an inch of its life and although you have given me more sleep over the last couple of nights I can honestly say the last three months are very much blurred and misshapen purely down to lack of sleep. So even though it may not be the most exciting read it helps to encrypt your life so I never forget.

What are you like now little girl?

Well your face is still round with super chubby cheeks that you use to store food in at meal teams like a little hamster. Your eyes are huge and still blue. Some days they look greeny-grey, some days very blue. You have blonde eyelashes and blonde hair which is growing nicely. You have a nice little covering now and a side swoop to the right.

You don’t have any teeth that we can see but I’m convinced there is something happening at the back, irrespective of teeth however you love chewing on things: in particular the remote controls, keys and phones! Pass me the anti-bac!

You can sit, roll over and spin on your tummy, and you are desperate to move but at the moment look more like a fish out of water on the floor then a co-ordinated crawler which makes you annoyed and so you start yelling! You enjoy a casual scoot in your walker but always seem to end up face to face with the radiators.

You cry when you’re hungry and want to sleep and whinge when you’ve had enough of something like being in your high chair.

You sleep in your own room now in a big girl cot and at nap time often dangle your legs through the bars.

You eat food three times a day and have definite favourites, you love yoghurt, grated cheese, cucumber and banana porridge and would probably eat them all together if you could. You let us feed you but I know you much prefer doing it all yourself.

You laugh and giggle every day when you find something funny, usually your Daddy.

Your favourite songs are the wheels on the bus’ and ‘if you’re happy and you know it’, which I crack out daily as a distraction tactic.

You love the bath which is pretty apt really given your name. I’ve never known such a tiny person splash about so much that everything is drenched.

I don’t know if they are your true favourites but at the moment your little face lights up when we read the ‘lift the flap books’ by Julia Donaldson, Tales from Acorn Wood. We had two gifted to you when you were born and I have since got the other two so you have the full collection, Postman Bear is definitely a favourite.

We are moving into Spring time now and it’s wonderful to see you outside, rolling around in the back garden. You were born in the summer last year and it was a heat wave which meant having to stay cool and shade you indoors but now so long as you are in the shade you can be outdoors a lot more and you seem to love it. You say 'hello' to Beatrix, Robert and ladybird everyday and always find a way to eat the grass!

Socks........I don’t even know where to start, I must put your socks back on up to twenty times a day, it’s your favourite thing in the whole world to do, pull your socks off, and now you think it’s the funniest thing in the world when we tell you not to. Daddy pulls them up really high like football socks to give you a bit of an extra challenge.

Kicking, equally is one of your favourite past times, both legs up and then slam your heels into the floor, cot, pram, wherever you are. It sounds like it should hurt but you never seem to mind. We always know when you're awake because it's usually associated with some form of banging.

You pull all the faces, not really sure where you have learnt them all from but your funniest seems to be when you push your lips out, screw up your entire face and then blow raspberries.

You don’t know it and it’s a blessing I count everyday, because you are living through the strangest of times and (hopefully) so blissfully unaware. You may study it in history one day or your children or their children, when they talk of the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020. You are living through it and although it means that we cannot go to our baby classes and see friends and family it means that Daddy is here with you much, much more and for that I cannot be thankful enough. You are the apple of our eyes and in these very uncertain times you keep us busy and our minds occupied. You will know more about FaceTime then any generation before you.

I find it mad that I carried you for the same length of time that you have now been with us for. The photo at the top shows how crazy and wonderful the female body really is and I can't be thankful enough to mine for helping me look after my tiny girl so well.

38+2 a timeframe that will stick with me for a life time.

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